Schucon Ltd Industrial Consumables

Schucon Ltd, operates as the consumable arm of Schuberts, specialists in industrial finishing systems for nearly 90 years.

We offer a range of spares and consumables to the UK finishing industry. Whether you need a single order or need someone to fulfill your consumable requirements on a regular basis, we can help.

Simply call us on (01226) 360900 or email us

abrasive4Abrasive Wheels

Schucon supplies abrasive sanding wheels for fully automatic, dedicated multi-headed sanding and de-nibbing machines, as well as single stand alone spindle machines with an RPM of no more than 1450RPM.

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filter5Spray Booth Filters

Schucon Ltd supplies a full range of Andreae Team spray booth filters at very competitive prices.

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WindowprofilesFlex Trim Sanding Systems

Flex-Trim and Schucon offer unique and individually combined sanding systems for both static fixed and hand-held machines.

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air-filter-1Air Filters

Schucon Ltd supplies glass fibre filter media, Capture and hold tack or non tack synthetic and pleated panel air filters.

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polyesterPolyester Film

From our stock, we supply polyester belting (Mylar, WN Hostaphan) in various widths and thicknesses for use in laminating, presses and auto-spray machines.

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Peelable_Booth_CoatingPeelable Spray Booth Coating

This is a white pigmented temporary protective coating designed for use on spray booth walls.

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Machinery Spare Parts

All major supplies of finishing equipment spare parts and installation service

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